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About Walid

An experienced business strategist who strongly believes in humanity and people development. After 20+ years of experience in the corporate world, I decided to dedicate my life to helping others succeed in their personal & professional life. Walid is an exceptional Business Strategist & Life Coach. His goal is to inspire, motivate and help you realize your highest potential and achieve your personal and professional goals faster and easier than you ever imagined possible.

They said about Walid

I appreciate all the efforts and I commit to keep moving forward supported by this amazing family. So grateful to have a well talented master like you Mr. Walid

Nancy Mounir

Family Counselor

"For those who struggle in their business and\or personal lives, this is a must attend seminar. What a very powerful day that was full of amazing transformational information. I discovered and learned how to really "keep going" in my life despite of any challenges one might face. I'd really like to thank you Walid for this training"

Shadi El Gouhari

Country Manager, Hero

"I've had a lot of distractions in my life. And after I attended the training of "Success And Mental Attitude" I got the power to stop most of these distractions and to change a lot of bad habits like procrastination. It helped me to discover my capabilities and to know how to re-program my mind and how to live a balanced life. I really thank and appreciate the big effort and the hard work of Walid and I hope to see everyone in the planet earth teaches like him".

Ahmed Shaarawy

Director of operations, Seven Corners company LTD.

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Programs with Walid Ibrahim

Impact Mastery

Get more than 30 hours of world-class business strategies and tactics of how to start/grow your own information business. Learn how to take your life's experiences, turn into a structured framework, package it and sell it so that others can improve the quality of their lives while you build a sustainable profitable business as well as living an amazing lifestyle.

The Digital Entrepreneur

Digital entrepreneur
What is the challenge? What are its details?
The challenge investment value is 16,950 EGP (including the training material)
The “Digital Entrepreneur” Challenge and the training content could have easily been worth 20,000 EGP, but...
The value of your investment will only be 16,950 EGP
My goal is for your comment after completing the challenge to be: This was the best 16,950 EGP I have ever invested in my life

Wealth Mastery

Being financially secure has become something irreplaceable in our current era
Many of us strive to reach the dream of financial freedom, but very few achieve that dream

The Project Shift

Project Shift will help you get to work in 6 weeks
What you haven't done in a year!
If you are someone whose primary job takes you time and you do not have the energy to study online and learn from your mistakes and improve in them, then Project Shift will be an ideal choice for you.
Also, if you have decided to start and that's it and you don't want to postpone it any longer, then Project Shift is an ideal choice for you.

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