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Walid Ibrahim is the Founder of SAMA Elite Academy (SEA), a leading human performance & training company specialized in helping people & organizations achieve their highest potential through maximizing their performance. Walid's goal is to inspire, motivate and help you realize your highest potential and achieve your personal and professional goals faster and easier than you ever imagined possible. As a certified NLP Practitioner (from the American Board of NLP), Hypnotherapist and Time Line Therapy® Practitioner and a sales professional for the past 17 years working for big Multinationals like GSK, Unilever, Cadbury as well as other local players, Walid gained a real world-class experience and knowledge that can help your organization and/or team transform their results. His vast experiences in the Middle East made him the real deal when it comes to strategies and tactics that move the needle for his clients. As a speaker, Walid is a young, fresh voice with a fun, engaging style. And his message is changing lives and reaching people around the Arab world. He's happily married and has three children. He lives in Cairo, Egypt. And he passionately gives his personal development training programs and talks within the Middle East.