How to Enjoy Life in a Busy Hectic World


It's very well noticed that the majority of the people living this age and time are struggling and finding it hard to enjoy life among the hectic agendas, the tons of commitments, responsibilities & dreams, wishing lists, wants and needs. Our communities seem to gradually lose humanity and turn into machines or robots working hard to collect money regardless of what they're compromising on in their way to collect them. I've been studying the area of human performance for years now. And what I discovered is that these folks who can enjoy their lives regardless of the amounts of responsibilities they have or the big visions and dreams they're aspire for are having a common mindset. And in this video I'm going to share with you how you too can just follow their path and enjoy your own journey.

My 1st advise in today's video is to:

Schedule your "slow down" times.

What do I mean by this? Let me tell you this quick story of mine. During the times I was working for big companies in the GCC, I was given a brand new car to use in my day-to-day market visits. I was responsible of the Eastern Region of KSA & Bahrain and I was driving from Khobar to Bahrain everyday over Bahrain causeway. It's a 25-kilometer bridge built on the Arabian Gulf. The driving experience was extremely joyous. Imagine driving for around 20 minutes over a beautiful sea and flying just beside you the beautiful white seagulls. It was really relaxing experience. And I used to enjoy the commuting time every day focusing on the clear blue sky, the lovely birds and the quietness away from traffic and pollution. But it was one day when I felt a strong temptation to test how does it feel to drive on a 200 km/h. The road looked like a runway for me. The bridge was almost empty with a clear blue sky and I decided to give it a try. I started to hit the accelerator pedal slowly. And the car started to move faster... 90 km/h...... 120 km/h, 160 km/h and I found myself getting tense. The adrenaline started to rush in my blood and I'm anticipating the experience. It's 180 km/h now and I got every cell in my body tightly holding the driving wheel and focusing on the road and my car's digital dashboard. It's 200 km/h now and I can't think of anything but keeping control of this small wheel that's now controlling my life. Any tiny single mistake would take the car off the fence. And from that height and with that speed everything can just reach to the end. And in less than a minute I started to slowly remove my leg off the pedal because of the increased fear that I couldn't handle anymore. After reaching the checkpoint and driving very slowly in a long cue of other cars waiting for the customs & passports dept. I gained back my calmness and with it the ability to think, analyze and evaluate. After a couple of minutes of thinking, I realized that I've just missed the joy of interacting with the beauty of nature; the sea and the lovely friendly birds because of me deciding to rush the car based on a temptation and personal decision. Nothing really forced me to do that rather than a Personal Decision and a temptation. And this is actually what happens to most of us in our lives. Most of the time we accept more engagements, responsibilities and commitments that are not needed nor will add any joy to our life. In fact, it might make it a bit harder.And we just seem to never SLOW DOWN, STOP & Evaluate. And ask this simple question: Am I Enjoying Life? Or I'm preparing to enjoy life? Am I moving forward or, sideways? or even worse. Am I losing valuable current joy while anticipating future ones. Enjoying what you have is a great mindset I urge you to start building. If you're not happy with what you have then how can you make sure you'll be happy once you have what you're running after? So slow down, enjoy what you've accomplished so far, evaluate your efforts and take corrective actions whenever needed. It's highly recommended that you schedule these times away from any kind of responsibilities or commitments and to be scheduled means to be happened. and this will take us to the 2nd advice of today's video;

Don't feel guilty or selfish about these times.

In our Arabic cultures we tend to feel guilty about spending sometimes alone away from our families' commitments & business responsibilities. We've been sold the idea of being always connected and reachable even during our vacations. It's essential that you know that your brain can't help you with out-of-the-box ideas and solutions to your challenges as long as you're continuously overwhelming it with your daily routines and increasing endless tasks. There has to be a relaxing times spent every now and then.

Let me know what's your biggest takeaway from this video in the comments section below. And If you find this video helpful please share it with someone who you know may benefit from it. And if you want to be notified every time I release new video, please subscribe to our newsletter from here.    

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