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Saturday Apr 10th  (10:00 AM - 4:00 PM)

عذراً - إنتهى موعد التسجيل للإيفنت السنوي

The Infopreneur Roadmap

A step-by-step guide to help you start/grow your own online business
خطوة بخطوة هتتعلم ازاي تبدأ أو تكبر البزنس الخاص بيك أونلاين

About Walid Ibrahim

I believe you deserve living a

Walid Ibrahim is the Founder of The Ultimate Achievement Experience (TUAX),

A program designed to help you live a HAPPY FULFILLED SIGNIFICANT life. 

Walid's goal is to inspire, motivate and help you realize your highest potential and achieve your personal and professional goals faster and easier than you ever imagined possible. 

Walid has dedicated the past 10+ years to learning from the world greatest speakers, trainers, coaches and thought leaders, applying and testing these strategies on his own life to create his own perspective of figuring out how anyone can change the trajectory of his life.

His vast experiences in the Middle East made him the real deal when it comes to strategies and tactics that move the needle for his clients. 

As a speaker, Walid is a young, fresh voice with a fun, engaging style. And his message is changing lives and reaching hundreds of thousands of people around the Arab world.

Here's what we're going to cover

Saturday, April 10th From 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM 
A step-by-step guide of how to start/grow your own online business in the information industry in 2021.
خطوة بخطوة هتتعلم ازاي تبدأ أو تكبر البزنس بتاعك أونلاين
If I were to start over after these 12 years of study, research, hands on
experience, Trial and errors and building  a successful brand, what products I'd start with?  the latest and greatest technology and software that I'll use to help me grow FAST.
لو هبدأ من جديد بعد خبرة 12سنة في أبحاث وتجارب وأخطاء علشان أبني نجاحي ايه المنتجات اللي هبدأ بيها؟
أحدث وأفضل الأساليب التكنولوجية والبرامج المتطورة اللى هتساعدني أكبر بسرعة
This Once per year event will give you the shortcut to everything you need to know to make 2021 a remarkable year in your information industry business.
التدريب ده بيحصل مرة واحدة في السنة، بيقصر عليك المسافات في كل حاجة ممكن تحتاجها علشان تخللي 2021 سنة مميزة مجال صناعة المعلومات

Plus Never announced before HUGE SURPRISE for live attendees.
الإعلان عن مفاجأة كبيرة جداً للحاضرين فقط


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