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Learn how to start and grow your own private business while impacting people's lives.

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Dec 5th

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The Future Is Now

The Digital Entrepreneur

From: Walid Ibrahim

Where: Cairo, Egypt

What does 'The Digital Entrepreneur' mean for you...?

For everyone it's different...

For some of you, you have a good experience of a specific profession. But you're almost fed up from your current job, and you're trying to get out.

For others, you are passionate about a specific topic. But you never knew you can turn your passion into a real business and great impact in the information industry.

And for others of you, you're already in the information business working hard as a trainer, coach, speaker or a consultant. But you're stuck and don't know how to earn more money so that you can 10X your impact on people's lives.

But before I share with you MY GOAL for this 'The Digital Entrepreneur' challenge... let me ask you a few questions...  

Please Check All Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is Yes!

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If you checked ANY of the boxes above, then i want to invite you to join the 'tHE DIGITAL ENTREPRENEUR' Challenge and change your life forever!

so here is how the challenge works...

The challenge costs EGP 1,800 EGP8,900 to join. This covers your materials during the challenge (more info on this below).

With the The Digital Entrepreneurwe could easily charge 9,000 for the full training and the material, but...

All you pay is EGP 1,800EGP 8,900

I want you to say "That was the most profitable EGP 1,500 I've invested in myself during my whole life"

Because in exchange of that tiny EGP 1,800 EGP8,900investment, you get ALL of this:

4 Days of LIVE coaching / missions from walid ibrahim (EGP 3,750 Value)
digital workbook for each mission. (EGP 750 Value)
15 day access to tDE challenge private facebook group. (EGP 750 Value)
30 day access to "build your website in 6 hours" training program. (EGP 2,450 Value)
Extended 30-day free trial to launch your business before investing money. (EGP 1,200 Value)

total value: EGP 8,900

If you really want to learn how to start or scale up your own information business, then this is the mission we're giving you...

You have 4 Days, starting Dec 5th

Do YOU Accept?

need more information before you make your decision...?

let me break down all the awesome stuff you'll get when you join the challenge today! 

the first thing you'll get access to is...

'The Digital Entrepreneur'


led by coach walid ibrahim. this challenge is designed to help you learn and implement your first world-class product and/or service in the information industry in just 4 Days... 

step #1

Decide on your Dream Client

One of the greatest benefits of the "Information Industry" business is that you can scale it up around your lifestyle. The more you grow your business the more you have freedom in your life.

And this is for sure not the case for so many other businesses and industries. The key element here to achieve this formula is to specifically identify what we call "Your Dream Clients".

How can you decide on the best client for your business that will help you grow and live an AMAZING lifestyle? This is what we gonna help you identify during the live training days of the challenge.

step #2

Get Your Marketing Message Right

Getting your marketing message designed properly is one of the most critical elements to run a successful profitable business in the information industry.

How can you find the right words to use in your ads? How to get creative and captivate them the moment they read or watch your message. How will that impact the cost of ads and your business's bottom line?

All these great startegies will be explained in deep details inside the "Digital Entrepreneur Challenge". And you'll practice them a lot inside the live training. You'll learn how to create a World-Class marketing messages.

step #3

The right Time to deliver your message

I can't emphasis more on the importnace of this step. Too many businesses lose great deals because they don't know WHEN to put their marketing message in front of the right leads. 

How often should I put my sales and marketing messages in front of my potential clients? When is the right time for each type?

Choosing the right time to convince someone to take action is a skill for your life. Sky is your limit when you learn and practice enough
this skill 

Here is your mission,

(should you choose to accept this challenge...)

Your Challenge Is To TAKE ACTION And Complete The Tasks Given To You, Every Day For 4 Days 

Yes, there will be some prep-work involved...

Yes, there will be homework...

But every day, you'll be taking steps toward building your business!

Our only question for you is... 

"do YOU have what it takes?"

By the time the challenge is over, you will have a startup business in the information industry LIVE!

Not only will we help you figure out what that business model is, but you'll have it created and FINISHED by the end of the challenge.

And, you'll be able to launch it to the world, generate leads, and turn those leads into customers who buy from you again and again, if you just follow the guidelines I'll hand over to you.


قطعت الفيدو الاول  ووقفته علشان اشكر حضرتك  لاني لمست من اخلاصك في كلامك وايمانك بيه فعلا. واما ما ينفع الناس فيمكث في الارض. الله يسترك دنيا وأخرة  تحياتي د/ربيع

Dr. Rabie Kelani


كل يوم بكتشف حاجات جديده بفضل الفيديو الجديد كنت محضر اسئله قبل نهايه الفيديو بس لقيت كل الاجابات بفضل اسئله الزملاء والتى قام ا. وليد بالرد عليها اتمنى من الله التوفيق للجميع


Ahmed Ibrahim

Get these aMAZING bonuses...

when you join

"The Digital Entrepreneur"

Challenge today...

Each day of The Digital Entrepreneur Challenge, you'll be given tasks that you'll need to complete in order to get you business built and start running it.

These Digital Workbooks will act as your companion to the streamed training's (Day 1 through Day 5).

Inside each Digital Workbook, you'll find training that correspond with EACH day of the Challenge

Each Digital Workbook has:

A CHECKLIST of tasks or reminders that need to be completed that week.

Plenty of space for journaling and brainstorming your ideas, and answering key thought-provoking questions.

The video training links that correspond with each week's mission.

And, any extra resource links you'll need to complete the week's tasks.

Each day of The Digital Entrepreneur Challenge, you'll be coached LIVE by me.

These LIVE trainings will be a great reference for you when you're doing your homework missions. 
Having access to these videos for 15 days will add a tremendous value for your knowledge, skills and results. 

While I encourage you to always attend live, you still can catch up with what you've missed or repeat the sessions that made a lot of sense to you. 

Repetition is the mother of a skill. And I can assure you that every time you re-watch my lessons, they'll inspire more ideas inside your heart and mind.

You'll be given access to these videos for the whole 15 days.

Bonus #2

15 Day Access To TDE Challenge Private Facebook Group

(Value EGP 750)

Bonus #3

30 Day Access To "Build Your Website In 6 Hours" Training Program

(Value EGP 2,450)

As this challenge is for those who are serious and want to take action, implement what they'll learn, and start their own information business, I'll teach you how to build your Makreting-Based website that you can immediately use to Make Impact and Generate Revenue.

After I show you how to do that LIVE, I'll give you access to my training program "How to build your website in 6 hours" even if you have Zero background in technology...

Again, you'll have access to this training for 30 days so that you can take your time and build your own website following my step-by-step video guide.   

One time I heard this advice from a mentor of mine. He said "You don't need more money, You need a Better Strategy". 

When I started my journey, I spent a lot of money trying every piece of software I knew it might help me achieve my goal of "Building my own info business". It was for sure a very bad strategy that cost me arm and leg. But finally I knew what's working best for me in this industry...

And here's the Better Strategy I want to hand over to you after all these year of struggle. You don't have to invest a lot at the early beginning of your business idea. The more you know the exact time to spend, the better for your business.

In this part of our challenge, I'll give you access to an extended 30-Day FREE TRIAL to the platform I use to build and host every aspect of my business.    

Bonus #4

Extended 30-Day Free Trial To Launch Your Business Before Investing Money

(Value EGP 1,200)

These Bonuses Are ALL Inside The Digital Entrepreneur Challenge...

You'll get access to this bonus when you join "The Digital Entrepreneur" Challenge today!

Here are the Prizes you can win if you join us today and gO aLL iN...

Impact Mastery Online Masters Couse "Silver" (Value EGP 7,950)

As you can probably see, getting access to 'the Digital Entrepreneur' challenge is like having me, and my entire Team as your own personal business coaches!  

The only difference is that you couldn't buy a 1 hour consulting call with me for EGP 1,800.  

In fact, right now the CHEAPEST you can hire me to "pick my brain" is EGP 20,000 for a day.  

So, to get 4 days with me and my teem, for just EGP 1,800 is crazy!

Yet you get all the amazing bonuses we talked about above for FREE when you join 'The Digital Entrepreneur' challenge today! 

So, are you excited yet!?! If so, then NOW is the time to take action!

So, What's the Catch...?

Let me tell you the whole story here. I actually left the corporate life and the steady BIG income working for the biggest multinational companies for one reason only; I want to help people live a HAPPY FULFILLED SIGNIFICANT life. And when I started like 12 years ago, my main focus was on me. I thought I can achieve this mission alone. And as the days passed, I learned that simple lesson that hardest way ever; No one can succeed alone. I have a GREAT Vision and dream of gathering all the great hearts and minds and make them work together to achieve that mission of helping people live a happy fulfilled significant life. 

And that's why I started teaching people how to turn their lives' experiences and passions into  amazing businesses that can make the world a better place.

And since I've gone through the journey all the way from the beginning, I know how hard it's. So I wanted to open a window of opportunity for you to test drive this industry and self-fulfelling promise. And I wanted to make it a no-brainer for you to join. This challenge will be the starting point as well as a filtration process that will show me where are the great hearts and mind over there, whom we can continue the journey together standing by one another. The promise I give you when you show me DEDICATION and consistent hard work is that we'll, together, make a great IMPACT and we'll male a GREAT BUSINESS as well 

Does that sound more than fair? 🙂

Here's a recap of

eVERYTHING You'll get

when you accept 'the digital entrepreneur' Challenge today!

4 Days of LIVE coaching / missions from walid ibrahim (EGP 3,750 Value)
digital workbook for each mission. (EGP 750 Value)
30 day access to tDE challenge private facebook group. (EGP 750 Value)
30 day access to "build your website in 6 hours" training program.  (EGP 2,450 Value)
Extended 30-day free trial to launch your business before investing money.  (EGP 1,200 Value)

total value: EGP 8,900

If you really want to learn how to start or scale up your own information business, then this is the mission we're giving you...

You have 4 Days, starting Dec 5th

Do YOU Accept?

Join 'the digital entrepreneur' challenge today!

For Only EGP 1,800

Best Value

VIP Seat

EGP 1,800

Early-Bird EGP 10,900 (Worth EGP 10,900)

4-Day LIVE training on Facebook Group
Digital Sheets for the homework and materials.
15-Day Access to replay on Facebook group.
How to build your professional website in 6 hours (Access for 30 Days.
3-Day Free-Trial to your digital platform.
1-Hour per day extra coaching and Hot Seats with Walid
Lifetime access to the core strategies of the training.

Package available for a limited time

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