So Why Join Us As An Affiliate Partner For Impact Mastery?

The next round of IMPACT MASTERY is coming up... and you’re invited to participate as one of our launch partners. Here’s a quick video with the details:

Are You Ready To Partner With Us For The Next round of IMPACT MASTERY?

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IMPACT MASTERY is going to provide MASSIVE value for anyone who is thinking of starting an online business... or who already has one. 

And when you tell your followers (your email list, or social following, or clients) about Impact Mastery, they’re going to love you for it. At the end of the 4-day FREE training, some of them will upgrade to my Impact Mastery home study master course… and if they do, I’ll send you a big sales commission.

IMPORTANT: even if you think you don’t have “business people” or “marketers” or “entrepreneurs” on your list… this is still an amazing opportunity. We’ve seen this happen in the last few years, when we’ve had affiliates with businesses (and lists) about training, coaching, and parenting do REALLY well in promoting our launches. Here’s why...

“Online business” is mainstream now. Almost everyone knows SOMEONE who has an online business. And we’re seeing a massive shift toward online… in 2020 there are huge numbers of people who are thinking about starting something online, or getting some type of “side hustle” going. And many of those people are following you, or are on your list. What better way to get a serious start than with IMPACT MASTERY - the highest ranking online business training in the Arab world.

(NOTE: We’ll even have special resources and “swipe copy” to help if you don’t have a “marketing” or “business” list.)

Bigger, Better, Faster...

Over the past couple years, my team and I have been diving into every aspect of IMPACT MASTERY - so we can make it even better this year. 

One big change we’ve made? Compressing the live schedule. 

Each time we’ve done the live FREE training, people couldn’t wait for the next live lesson. Some would even come back and binge watch all 4 trainings over and over.

We’re giving the people what they want with back-to-back training days (which effectively shortens the launch window). We’ll be on and off the market in just 11 days - including all the live trainings. 

So we’re talking about bigger results in a shorter time, with fewer emails and less social.
That’s a win-win-win.

Pound-for-pound, opt-in-for-opt-in… if you join us, this could be the most profitable promotion you have all year.  

So I would love if you joined us in promoting IMPACT MASTERY. Last year was an amazing experience for everyone involved... and now I just want more people to get the benefit of all the coolness.

How All Of This Will Work...

When you tell your tribe, or community, or list, or social following about our Launch FREE training, they’ll get huge value and an incredible education - whether they buy IMPACT MASTERY or not. So you can feel awesome about that. And you’ll also be lined up to make some pretty sweet commissions...

Cash Commissions

For every sale you make, you will receive a 20% commission, even better when you grow referrals above 10 you get 30% commission. For example, if you got 10 clients at the Silver Package of EGP 5,000 you will earn EGP 10,000 and if you get them at the Platinum Package of EGP 10,000 you get EGP 20,000.

And it gets even better when you go above 10 members. For example, if you got 11 clients at the Silver Package of EGP 5,000 you will earn EGP 16,500 and if you get them at the Platinum Package of EGP 10,000 
you get EGP 33,000.



We want to give you the best possible experience as an IMPACT MASTERY Partner. To help you out, we’ve put together the answers to all the most common questions we receive. 

And if you have a question you don’t see listed below, contact my superstar customer service team at [email protected]. We are happy to help.

What is the IMPACT MASTERY 4-day FREE training?

It’s our new round of IMPACT MASTERY where we open enrollment to the public. This is the only chance to learn the strategy I have learned over the past two decades. It'll be over 8 hours of live training... I'm going to be teaching my heart out because I want to deliver maximum value. And then I'm going to invite people to enroll in IMPACT MASTERY.

Every round, my team gets IMPACT MASTERY Owners reaching out, asking how they can promote for us... so I wanted to make it super easy. If you got great value out of IMPACT MASTERY, we want to reward you for sharing it with your tribe. When you sign up as an IMPACT MASTERY Affiliate Partner and share our 4-day FREE training with your people, you'll earn 20%-30% of every sale you make. On top of that, we've got 2 prizes up for grabs for the people with the most opt-ins and the most sales (2 winners will get 1 iPhone SE 2020 each).

Do I need to have a large list or tons of followers?  

No. Over and over, we've seen people with small lists completely out performing and doing remarkable things... and getting amazing results. It’s more about your connection with your people, and your ability to tell a strong story about your connection to IMPACT MASTERY.   

And with average commissions coming in right around EGP 10,000 the earnings add up pretty quickly.

Are You Ready To Partner With Us For the next round of

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